Supreme Leader:

This is your definitive future. Young people prepare themselves for this massive move. The devout forces will target this.

Drawing the divine future of the Islamic Revolution requires a futuristic study based on the Quran and the Etruth, and the various capacities and various opportunities of the Islamic Revolution in the fields of thought at the national and international levels can be a good place for This will be the goal of the Islamic world. ), Has begun the civilization, cultural and social studies, and based on that, the dissemination of thought and culture has been undertaken in the form of various scientific and cultural programs for society, especially academics and elites.

And the study of Ar’ba’in Hosseini and his divine goal has put it as one of the main issues and has focused on it. The following is briefly described in some of the activities of the Institute:

Launch of the Cultural Episcopal Headquarters of Noah Ayatollahs
Has taken effective measures.

Holding two courses of “Ashtab al-Hussein (AS)” in Karbala Ma’ali [2013] [2014]
Iran, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan and some other countries, in Karbala and at the site of Ataba Hosseini. The program was implemented over two years with the participation and support of the following centers: